What’s there for you to harvest?



The year’s Harvest Moon makes its appearance in our sky tonight.  If Mother Nature cooperates with clear enough skies, it will rise at about the same time the sun sets.  Our first Americans had descriptive names for all of the full moons of the year.  Aptly named for our corner of the globe, Harvest Moon is also known as Full Corn Moon.

From the earliest of times, before headlights on big tractors, this moon allowed farmers to continue gathering produce into the evening.

Here at True North Farm our harvest is much smaller but we still love to unearth treasures both above and below the ground.  Purple potatoes blend well with the soil underground, making it hard sometimes to distinguish the gems from the rocks.  But they are there.

These have to be harvested carefully by hand, washed and carefully stored.

What we do at True North Yoga mirrors how we tend to the land. We plant, nurture and harvest our seeds throughout class.  We root down in to our foundation (often our feet), pay attention to what our body needs and then take what we learn in class off our mat in to our day. Simple concepts, but not all that easy to do.  That’s why we return to our mat time and again the same way we return to the plant, nurture, harvest cycles of our fields.  It’s never happens exactly the same way.  The rate of growth is always different. So is the yield. Learning to be OK with that is the hard part.

Take a look up at the sky over the next couple of nights.  Clear skies or not, see what the Harvest Moon offers you this fall.

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