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What’s there for you to harvest?

    The year’s Harvest Moon makes its appearance in our sky tonight.  If Mother Nature cooperates with clear enough skies, it will rise at about the same time the sun sets.  Our first Americans had descriptive names for all of the full moons of the year.  Aptly named for our corner of the globe, Harvest Moon is also known as… Read more →

….but that’s just not ME.

      It’s Monday morning, it’s still dark outside, so I’m going to hit the snooze button. I’ve got a lot going on this week, so the idea of trying something new?…something I’ve never really done before?  That’s just not me. There is an opportunity later today (Mondays 5 pm) to find out what yoga is all about, to… Read more →

The Lessons Are Everywhere!

Back to school.  Those three words conjure up an image or feeling whether you’re about to get back at it or if it’s a distant memory.  For most of us, it’s not a neutral reaction. The four members of my family–two high school girls, my husband and myself–all process “back to school” very differently. This summer, for the first time… Read more →

Warming up from the inside out

  When you are truly conscious of your breath–your deep, fully expansive inhale and exhale–holding a static pose or flowing,  yoga warms you up from the inside out. Isn’t that what we want this time of year?  We want to wear layers of shirts that we can peel off during the warmest part of the day.  We want to feel… Read more →

King of the Compost

Our black lab/beagle (listen to his whoo-hoo!) mix, Zoni, is not only our family’s trusted, much loved companion, he is our four legged farm manager as well. Zoni smells everything coming and going from our compost heap, feels it heating up and wonders “what’s in there for me?” Nothing. But it’s a valued job and someone has to do it! Read more →

Hop on over!

Easter is early this year and we all know that the weather will vacillate for a while. We’re still practicing on the heated hayloft floor, so join us, loosen up your joints and prepare to take on spring! Read more →

Get recharged for spring!

Have you been doing any spring cleaning? Getting your beds ready for planting? How about you? How are you prepping yourself to jump in to spring?  Try yoga! It primes your body to refresh, renew and get going! Put True North Yoga on your to do list.   Read more →

Give it a try!

You really need to walk in the door, roll out the mat and feel the heated floor. Once you feel the stretch and the strength you gain from a yoga pose you will start to understand how it lands in your body. Try a class. They’re for all levels.  See how you feel after you walk out the door. That’s… Read more →

We’re Open!

Adding the “yoga” drop down sign to our big roadside True North Farm sign was a sheer delight for me! While winter has finally found us, it’s warm in the hayloft. The introductory series has started. Click the yoga tab for the schedule or find us on Facebook at True North Yoga. Read more →