About Us – True North Farm


Driving through York, our farm looks different. Most of the area farms are
growing food for large dairy herds; we’re growing food for people.


While our approach to planting has changed, we stand by our name True North Farm as our intention is to grow nutritious food by organic practices to share with our community. We grow from certified organic seeds and transplants and never use pesticides or other toxins. This is very important to us. An acre can grow a lot of vegetables and sunflowers, so by sharing our bounty, both through sales and donations to food pantries, we are more than a back (or side) yard garden. We’re a microfarm!

Starting in March 2020 (which coincidentally was when the pandemic began) we decided to take a different approach in our field. It was on the small side, but our tractor was mighty during our first seven years; plowing, tilling, and discing in an effort to make the field easier to plant, weed and harvest. It was simply too much compression for the soil to bear.

So the past year or so has been all about restoring our soil’s health. In an effort to nurse the soil’s microbiome and structure, we have (almost completely) taken the tractor off the field and built walking paths, growing paths and planting rows, so we can concentrate on soil nutrients and structure, seeds, transplants–and not so many weeds!

What we have in common with all farmers in our area is that we want our families and community to be healthy. Our immune systems depend on healthy microbiomes–just like the soil.

If you’re driving by and see us working in the field, stop by and see what we have to offer!

Plant. Nurture. Harvest.