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Dear Yogis-

True North Yoga is taking a break. We are not going away, but designating time and space to fully imagine what a new iteration of this business will look like.

In October of this year,  I conducted two focus groups as well as gathered written comments from current students and people who would like to do yoga in a beautiful, rural setting.

Here is what I wrote a year ago (roughly Nov. 2021):

Many people, far and wide, throughout the long stretch of pandemic uncertainty, said something that became almost a mantra of sorts: “We can’t come out of this time that we are in and go back to the same old, same old.” In other words, if we haven’t learned anything from this time of forced isolation, physical separation and introspection, well, shame on us!

Of course we want to be able to spend time with family and friends, but beyond that, how have we resumed going about our days? Are we approaching our work, our family time and our old routines the same as we did pre-pandemic?

I know that was not my intention when I reopened my yoga studio in July. I have been very cautious, implementing safety protocols and gearing my teaching to the importance of our foundation and breath work. Other than that, I have pretty much been following the blueprint of a typical 75 minute studio yoga class. Some of you have jumped right back in to that schedule (including the pool in the summer), others have been hesitant because of the ongoing, underlying problems associated with COVID, while those of you who can, have been traveling a lot more than usual, to reconnect with people who have been so dearly missed.

So what will True North Yoga look like going forward? I don’t have an exact schedule of classes in mind, but here’s what I DO know:

*True North Yoga and True North Farm will be more interconnected; it’s practices interwoven.

*There will be more community involvement with our place. The practice of yoga is for all bodies, regardless of flexibility, size, age, sexual orientation, gender expression or religious beliefs. It is for families and groups. Yoga classes will be tied in to the seasons: the weather forecast; the planting, nurturing and harvesting of the crops; the cycles of the moon; sunrise/sunset times and needs expressed by you–the students.

*More yoga experiences will be taken outside.

*There will be opportunities for immersion and multi-faceted yoga classes.

*I will be reaching out to many of you over the next couple of months to get your feedback and to listen to your ideas. If you don’t hear from me, don’t be shy–contact me!

*The last 18 months that we’ve been experiencing collectively has convinced me that yoga is needed now more than ever. And not just as a good stretch. It truly is a mind, body, spirit practice.

I am very excited about this next chapter!

2022 has been jam packed with taking care of family near and far.  Every time I thought I would be resuming classes, some other big event (mostly health related) required my full attention.  Here’s to 2023 looking very different!

Be well. Be kind. Stay tuned!







Price structure beginning Sept. 13, 2021:

$10-$15/cash or check per class is suggested, but we will be a “pay as you can or pay it forward” yoga studio.  Read more below for the explanation.

Proof of vaccination will be required, beginning Sept. 13, 2021. Read on.


True North Yoga is a community focused, inclusive studio where anyone, regardless of yoga experience, body type, race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation or income can learn about the eight limbs of an ancient practice in a safe and welcoming environment.

True North Yoga is practiced in a restored turn of the 19th century barn where fresh breezes through wide open doors welcome you during the warmer months and a converted, heated hayloft provides a cozy space when the temperatures drop outside.

True North Yoga offers a flow style yoga class for any level student as well as restorative classes that are designed to bring deep rest while remaining in supported poses for longer (than usual) periods of time.

True North Yoga reopened from the pandemic at the beginning of July 2021.
Many of you are aware that one of the reasons I did not reopen earlier is that I wanted to practice together as community and do not believe it is healthy or beneficial to practice yoga while wearing a mask. The grounding of yoga as well as what is asked of our bodies during vinyasa flow, calls for big, healthy inhales and exhales—something that a mask impedes.

To provide as much safety in our yoga classes as possible, proof of vaccination will be required beginning Mon. Sept. 13, 2021. Please bring your vaccination card or Excelsior Pass to class. While I know that this policy is not universally agreed upon, it is the choice I am making to help keep my students, my family and our community well.

This is a paragraph that I wrote in July.  It still guides my decisions today:

Like you and your family, we want to travel to see friends and family whom we’ve missed, try to take a canceled vacation and in general, be more mindful to not rush
through life, overschedule and most of all, learn some valuable lessons from those
long months of fear, loss and uncertainty in our community, nation and world.


True North Yoga is now a “pay what you can or pay it forward” studio. The suggested cost per class is $10-$15,  however, no one will ever be turned away because they can’t afford to come.  I do not know if you are experiencing financial hardship or if you have a little extra to give for those who can’t.  Yoga is for every body.  We all need the anxiety reducing qualities it offers now more than ever.

This summer’s classes were 100% donation based and our incredibly generous community came forth with more than $2,500 for Foodlink, a food bank (and so much more!) that serves our 10 county region.  I am on the board of this amazing organization and could not be more proud of our yogis!

Going forward:  I want to know what community based non profits YOU are involved with so we can continue with this integral part of yoga which is giving back or seva. A percentage of True North Yoga’s earnings will be designated each quarter.

True North Yoga features a unique summer offering–aqua yoga! A warm salt water pool, next to the barn, provides another form of relaxing and sometimes challenging yoga practice. These classes are small and by preregistration only.

Schedules will be posted on this website (, Facebook (@truenorthyogayork) and Instagram



Plant. Nurture. Harvest.

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