About True North

We (Molly Cummings and David Rose) moved from Rochester, New York to York, New York with our family in the spring of 2013.  Automatically dubbed “city folk”, we were constantly amazed at how neighbors far and wide stopped by to help and see what we were planning to do with 40 plus acres!  We started with a big organic practices garden (a.k.a. microfarm) and have added a handful of  beef cattle, chickens, a black lab mix, cats, and a John Deere tractor to the mix.  The learning curve is steep, but thanks to a supportive community, we’re doing it!

We’re adding yoga to our offerings (True North Yoga) so we can provide a new service to our area by offering classes to help us all become more flexible farmers. Our yoga classes are for everyone–it doesn’t matter what size, shape or age you are or if you can touch your toes!

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