….but that’s just not ME.




It’s Monday morning, it’s still dark outside, so I’m going to hit the snooze button. I’ve got a lot going on this week, so the idea of trying something new?…something I’ve never really done before?  That’s just not me.

There is an opportunity later today (Mondays 5 pm) to find out what yoga is all about, to be with other people who may be afraid they’ll look silly or hurt themselves or look silly and hurt themselves. But exploring something that can help get rid of some of the creakiness in my body and clear some of the cobwebs in my head, around people I may not know?…  That’s just not me.

There is an opportunity first thing tomorrow morning (Tuesdays 5:30 am) to start my day in a very different way; to give my body and mind a way to find some clarity and space so I can take on the first tasks of the day a little bit easier. But leaving my warm bed to greet the day in a way that’s completely strange to me?  I’m a snooze button person, remember?  That’s just not me.

There is also an opportunity (Wednesdays at 6 pm) to learn about the “hard” and the “easy” of yoga—Yin Yang  Yoga.  If I’m going to spend time at an “exercise class,” I’m going to be working it. But learning that these opposite approaches to moving (and stillness) in my body is exactly what I need? Finding out that I may actually find my strength (and be good with it?!), while holding a stretch and not pushing my muscles to exhaustion?  That’s just not me.

There are opportunities to make little changes in our lives every day.  There are places to explore, things to learn about ourselves, discover that we’re not alone in this journey to often, just simply, “get out of our own way.”  There are opportunities in life  that may appear at first to be “risky” or “strange” or “just not something I would do.”

Consider how you would feel if someone close to you said that you’re not open to try new things, to see things (and yourself) in a slightly new way and to try something that could actually help you in mind and body?  Is that really “not you”?

Join us. It’s a safe space. True North Yoga joins together people who want to make their days a little easier by finding a bounce to their step and a smile to their face.


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