Give it a try!

You really need to walk in the door, roll out the mat and feel the heated floor. Once you feel the stretch and the strength you gain from a yoga pose you will start to understand how it lands in your body. Try a class. They’re for all levels.  See how you feel after you walk out the door. That’s… Read more →

Down, dog!

We have a beautiful black lab, beagle mix.  His name is Zoni.  Every once in a while we’ll hear him belt out one of his very loud “woo-woo-woos” during a yoga class. He has most likely just finished his version of downward facing dog, wondering if that’s what we’re doing up in the yoga studio/hayloft too. Zoni is full of… Read more →

We’re Open!

Adding the “yoga” drop down sign to our big roadside True North Farm sign was a sheer delight for me! While winter has finally found us, it’s warm in the hayloft. The introductory series has started. Click the yoga tab for the schedule or find us on Facebook at True North Yoga. Read more →

About True North

We (Molly Cummings and David Rose) moved from Rochester, New York to York, New York with our family in the spring of 2013.  Automatically dubbed “city folk”, we were constantly amazed at how neighbors far and wide stopped by to help and see what we were planning to do with 40 plus acres!  We started with a big organic practices… Read more →